Take charge of Bullying!

How do you impart to children and teens the simple psychology of the bully and how to feel good about their responses against bullying.

Much is known and feared about the bully. The bully that rules beneath the radar be it in the school yard or in cyberspace.

This workshop can help impart strategies that are proven to work. We will discover how to take charge, how to get help, practice when to respond and when to use safe verbal comebacks. Is there a time for physical protection? What are the laws around bullying and how to enforce them when apathy or fear is present. We will show how to teach children in your care how to role play and practice how to deal with hurtful words and stop teasing and bullying from peers. Children also learn techniques to increase their self-esteem by protecting themselves from the hurtful or damaging things they might say to themselves.

This is a one day workshop. Thursday May 16th. 9:30 – 3:00 pm. $95 +HST

Lunch on your own. Refreshments will be on hand.