Art and Play Therapy With the Sexually Victimized Child

Discover the powerful uses of art and play in helping kids who have been sexually abused to help them in their journey to healing. This crucial one day workshop is designed to offer parents, caregivers,teachers, and other professionals new skills to assist in identifying kids who may have been sexually victimized and how to help those kids cope, communicate and begin to heal.

All children will respond best when using forms of communication theyunderstand. Play and art. We will discuss the profound effects of sexual trauma on children; the process of internalization and signals from children that they are asking for help. We will discuss the unique healing needs of sexually victimized children, and how to begin the process of establishing trust, safety and boundaries.

Using art and play techniques, we will learn basic therapeutic interaction:

how to use art and play specifically when working with kids who have been abused sexually and how to assist them toward healing. We will explore the pervasive use of the internet in child sexual exploitation and victimization, as well as child pornography. Self care and triggers for those who are helping wounded kids are also highlighted

Thursday April 18th, 9:30 – 3:00 $95.00 + HST

Content materials and break refreshments will be provided. Lunch is on your own.