“Refrigerator”: Art Interpretation & Advanced Application


Helping Kids Heal Using Art and Play

Whether the trauma is the result of abuse, loss, violence, sexual abuse, or any other significant negative event, all children will respond best when using forms of communication they understand. Play and art.

In this advanced workshop, we will look at how children interpret the world around them and communicate their feelings through art and drawing.

We will examine basic symbols and their meaning, drawing placement, the importance of figures and features, and symbolic recognition of signals of tension, abuse or depression.

We will build on the use of art in therapeutic interaction: how to use art to work with children in order to assist them to heal.

This workshop will also feature a new slide show component of a library of case specific drawings and art with accompanying case reviews.

Space is limited so register early. Full payment is required upon registration.

June 7th – 9:30 – 3:00pm. $95.00 (+ HST) which includes all materials and break refreshments.
Lunch is on your own.

“Children’s drawings have been a part of my life and practice as a father and pediatric surgeon. Though they should be they are, sadly, not a part of the process of education of parents, teachers and health care professionals, though their therapeutic wisdom has been known for decades.”

  • Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. Author, Love Medicine and Miracles, Prescriptions for Living

Program Feedback

“Amazing.  So (underlined) thought provoking and insightful.  I will never
look at creative drawings and art work the same.” Staci Marck, Principal,
Dufferin Elementary

“Excellent.  It was engaging, informative, interesting.” Roseanne
Gallinger, Principal,