Private Counselling and Group Work

Private Counselling & Group WorkCounselling Services

*Individual counseling for Children and Women

*Expressive Art Therapy

*Play Therapy

We are members of:

 The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

The Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. 

Specializing in Counselling for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Trauma

*Groups for teen girls and women who are survivors of childhood sexual assault

*Workshops on Healing through Art Therapy, Mask Making, and Journaling

*Workshops on Sexual Assault Prevention, Self Esteem, Anger, and much more.


What is Expressive Art Therapy?

Expressive Art Therapy combines art, drama, movement, music, sculpture and other forms of creative expression with traditional ‘talk’ therapy.

Expressive Art Therapy is not about skill or being artistic. It is about expression and communication.

Art and Play combined with language are far more effective than traditional counseling. Art and play allow for greater expression, action and healing within the therapeutic process.

Art and Play provide creative symbols and safe outlets for emotional expression. This symbolism allows for greater communication, a safe way to express feelings and responses to trauma, and an effective, skill building way to heal.

Who Would Benefit From Expressive Art Therapy?

Expressive Art Therapy is suitable for anyone from toddlers to the elderly.

Expressive Art and Play Therapy is very effective for dealing with issues of:

*Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)
*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
*Separation and Divorce
*Grief, Illness and Dying
*Incest and Rape

Expressive Art Therapy is highly effective for the non-verbal or cognitively impaired.

It is a powerful counseling form for professionals who work with trauma, clinical counseling, and caregivers.

Expressive Art and Play Therapy works effectively as a tool for therapeutic recreation, for children or adults who reside within an institutionalized setting, or for those at risk.

Individual and Group:

Expressive Art Therapy and Play Therapy is effective for both individuals and groups.

Choices of Location:

It is essential to have a safe space in which to explore feelings and events. Therefore, we offer a choice in how we provide our service.

You may choose to use our counseling space, which is in a beautiful and comfortable loft in an older home; very private and safe.

Or we can come to you if you reside in a residential facility.

We can arrange to meet at a school, agency or institution.

Contacting Us

Please call us with any questions or to arrange for a consultation or appointment. We will respond to your call quickly and with discretion.

Please leave a safe number for us to reach you.

For more details please check our current workshop schedule or contact us for more details.