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We can tailor all workshops and trainings to fit the needs of your organization, and we will come to your organization to provide training and facilitation in house.

Please refer to our Workshop page to review some of the possibilites.  Always, we welcome the opportunity to design and create new workshops and training programs to meet individual agency and workplace needs.

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We are members of:

 The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

The Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. 

 The Canadian Women’s Studies Association

The Writer’s Union of Canada

Additional Organizational and Professional Services:

*Clinical Counselling for professionals

*Strategic Planning

*Team Building

*Organization Training on sexual harassment, and sexual assault prevention.

*Policy development

*Vicarious/Secondary Trauma Workshops and Organizational Training

*Needs Assessments

*Training models for counsellors on sexual abuse specific counselling


Creative Facilitation: Using Expressive Arts Within Organizational Groups:


Ah, those dry tedious meetings at work, where you can barely keep your eyes open, head bobbing, while you think about what you might make for dinner.  The person sitting next to you is staring blankly into space, others are doodling.  Clearly no one is engaged and the person chairing the meeting isn’t getting the full benefits from the bright minds who sit around the table.


Time to reinvent the administrative function. 


Discover the potential and power of utilizing creative techniques within administrative and organizational groups.  Combining creativity and organizational functions results in Creative Facilitation.   It is the perfect solution to enhance group dynamics, facilitate learning, communication and trust within meetings, strategic planning, training sessions, and supervision.


Creative Facilitation is about making things interesting.  Making things interesting is often much more about the process and the presentation than the content.  When participants are interested, they are much more willing to engage (and less likely to fall asleep) and offer their thoughts and ideas.  We all have so many unique and valuable ideas, and by providing a structure which brings these ideas out in people, tapping into their creativity, administrators are helping to bring out the best in the most precious commodity any organization has: it’s people.

And when we feel we are truly contributing at work, that our voices and ideas are heard and valued, we in turn experience greater job satisfaction, increased motivation and commitment.


Creative Facilitation uses elements of play, theatre, humour, art and other expressive artistic methods to help construct structures, agendas, content, plans and themes which are then used to conduct administrative functions in a whole new way.


Using creative and expressive techniques permits our brains to think in new ways.  Bureaucratic functions are rooted primarily in the left brain, the analytical side of our brain; creativity shakes those patterns loose, allowing for a shift to Right Brain thinking, the hemisphere where new fresh creative ideas are born.


Utilizing Creative Facilitation shakes up established patterns of thinking and permits new pathways to problem solving.  Using these techniques is very effective in conflict resolution by decreasing the chances of the conflict becoming about the people involved, rather than the problem itself.  Creative techniques allow for the breaking down of barriers caused by the way we view roles and jobs within organizations. They allow for those tricky conflicts which can develop that are rooted in our unconscious or in our past experiences, which, if not sorted through, can lead to unhealthy behaviours.

Creative facilitating increases the sense of safety within structures and within the process.  This permits for the uncovering of the impact of our personal histories and our personal views of power and position which is imbedded within ourselves and our teams and all too often ignored and not addressed.


As well, integrating Creative Facilitation and techniques to reinvent meetings which were once dry and tedious, creates a new common experience for all organizational members and builds organizational identity; giving teams a history and a culture. 


Nemesis Group Services offers a one day introductory workshop on

April 30, 2008 or May 29, 2008.  519-372-2425 or



Telephone Support for Employees in Crisis

Workplace Stress
Workplace stress effects so much more than simply job performance! It taints the environment within the organization, lowers team and staff morale, and is a divisive force in teams and work groups. It leads to costly absences and ineffectual job performance.

The impact of Workplace stress is on more than the employer/employee relationship, impacting on family and interpersonal relationships. It can have lasting impacts on an employee’s self-esteem, often leading to issues of depression, anxiety, substance use and anger.

Workplace scenarios can trigger old historical issues, even childhood issues, often without the employee even recognizing the connection.

It is crucial for an employer to offer the employee solution focused counseling, coping skills, ways to minimize and handle job/personal stressors, and deal with residual feelings which may impact on them long term.

Workplace Solutions:
Specialists in counseling, mediation, and organizational trauma, Nemesis Group offers 20 years of telephone counseling expertise dealing with callers in crisis.

It is essential for the prudent employer to provide the opportunity for confidential debriefing. Nemesis Group Employment Services will assess suitability, risk, assessment of ongoing counseling, and suitability of future employment mediation.

Nemesis Group Employment Services are confidential. Personal information is filtered through an independent source and a usage report is supplied to the employer on a monthly basis.

Create a safe organizational culture and best practice.

Professional Fees: Telephone Consultation and Counseling
½ Hour Session (or less) – $35.00 or Hour Session (max. per session) – $65.00


Crisis Cobwebs

A two day workshop for front line professionals dealing with the impact and effects of vicarious trauma.

Workshop Outline:

Day 1
The Personal Impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress
We will explore the different factors to what triggers a personal response to vicarious trauma and how limited or magnified the effect will be. We will discuss effects such as unconscious addictive and destructive behaviours, cognitive rigidity and apathy, social avoidance, and spiritual meltdown.
We will examine linkages between personal characteristics or traits, prior experience, personal history of abuse, as well as the impact of the culture and practices of the organization. Through group discussion and experiential work, we will develop personal solutions for coping with the impact of vicarious trauma, including personal self inventories, self care strategies, creative selfishness, and burnout avoidance.
Participants will take away transferable tools and resources for use not only themselves, but for their partners, families and clients.

Day 2
Organizational Healing: Impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress on Professional Functioning
The second day focuses on organizational structure and the physical and emotional influences upon internal trauma. As front line staff continues to work within a culture of trauma, how can we create workplaces which offer exemplary services while concurrently promote staff stability, ethically, emotionally and structurally?
We will examine the crucial importance of clinical supervision and team/peer de-briefing structures, as well as the need to build larger community and coalition.
We will examine the merits of other organizational efforts which decrease burnout such as social justice work, celebrations, and sneaking joy into the workplace.
Participants will take away transferable tools and resources to offer to their workplaces and peers along with an analysis of the effects of trauma work on the sustainability of their organization.



Family Transition Place: Creative Therapies and Their Application in Grief and Loss: 3 Day Intensive Training


Feedback and Comments



“Great.  Lots I can use in my groups.  I loved that it was flexible; able to go where out thoughts and ideas took us.  Fantastic.  Great team building; wonderful getting to know us all better.”



“I think the format and presentation was excellent.  I really enjoyed all the activities and the information package.”



“It was great. Wonderfully organized.  It was completely enjoyable.”



“I will take away and use in my work.  Good handouts and written info/resources.”



“Very informative and a very good experience, fluid and personable.”



“Facilitators were experts in their presentation, information and were able to read the group. It was great.”



“Excellent. Great processing time and team building.  Exhausting in a positive way.”


Great, powerful and emotional.” -



“Very useful and informative.  Amazing experience, very well presented, flowed very well.  It was an honour to take this.”


“Great experience, lots of transferable ideas, great team building.”



“The theory combined with the experiential activities proved to be very impactful.  Great low.  Excellent connection with facilitators.  Wonderful job allowing the group to go where they felt free to go.  Very positive.  Amazing team building.”


Feedback From S.H.A.R.E. Committee – Mission/Vision Statement Development Planning Day

“Great direction! Clear, fun and interesting!”

“Very helpful; a great learning format!”

“want to learn more! Enjoyed the brainstorming and the breakdown!”


Feedback From Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter: Using Expressive Arts

“Outstanding, thank you!”

Very good; enjoyed the hands on!”

“Excellent content, lots of variety and opportunity for expression and learning.  Well designed, flowed well, fabulous!”

“Great!  Really hands on and insightful!”