Assessment Services

Assessment Services

We are also pleased to be able to offer Assessments including:

TSCYC – Trauma Symptom Checklist for Young Children

The TSCYC is the first fully standardized and normed broadband trauma
measure for children as young s 3 years of age.
It provides invaluable information to evaluate acute and chronic post
traumatic symptomatology.

BRIEF – Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function

This tool enables the assessment of executive function behaviours in
children in the home and school environment.
A valuable tool to assist with focused treatment and educational planning
for children with disorders of executive function.

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and pricing.

Effective Play Therapy

“..a meta-analysis of 94 research studies focusing on the efficacy of Play
Therapy as a viable psychotherapy intervention and found a large positive
effect of Play Therapy on treatment outcomes with children. They reported
that Play Therapy was effective across modality, age, gender, clinical and
nonclinical populations, settings, and theoretical schools of thought.”
-(Ray, Bratton, Rhine, and Jones, 2001)